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Aqua Peel Stand (大气泡毛孔清洁仪)

Aqua Peel Stand (大气泡毛孔清洁仪)

An aquapeeling machine for deep cleansing all skin types, including sensitive skin.

  • Self-Cleaning Function
  • Stand for easier transport

✔️1-Year Warranty


*For salon use only. Kindly contact us to place an order.

  • Description

    What is Aqua Peeling?

    It uses suction combined with the shooting of different solutions onto the skin to draw out impurities and dead skin cells to rejuvenate and renew the skin.

    A large number of bubbles are dissolved and ruptured in the water, producing ultrasound and generating negative oxygen ions. The 10-micron diameter ions easily penetrate into the pores to remove dirt to deep cleanse the skin, enhancing the skin's immunity, purifying the skin and preventing breakouts.

    Without the use of physical exfoliants, aquapeeling is an effective deep cleansing solution for even sensitive skin types.

    First, a nutrient solution is applied to the skin. Blackheads, acne and other waste at the epidermis is then cleansed to allow for the solution to be absorbed evenly and completely by the skin.

    Step 1
    First, use an AHA Solution to effectively loosen dull layers of dead skin and uncover new cells to leave the skin fresh and ready for step 2.

    Step 2
    Next, using a BHA solution, pore-clogging sebum is dissolved. As BHA is oil-soluble, excess product and oils can effectively be removed, especially in easily-clogged areas such as the T-zone.

    Step 3
    Lastly, use a moisturising solution to replenish the skin's moisture and provide nourishment after deep cleansing. This will result in reduced pore size and softer, hydrated skin.

  • Technical Specifications


    Microdermabrasion Water Treatment

    Input Power 110V - 220V 60 Hz
    Tube Length 145mm
    Handpiece Face/ Body Use
    Dimensions 230mm x 250mm x 940mm
    Weight 26kg


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