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Dermabell represents Korean cosmeceutical science at its peak.

By combining ethically sourced ingredients and cutting-edge technology, we develop effective cosmeceutical skincare that put your skin first.

Our plant-derived ingredients are handpicked based on their effectiveness and how it works on different skin concerns.

Using advanced DDS Biotechnology, we amplify the natural skincare properties of our ingredients.

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Heauler is a Singapore new and developing brand, focusing on the field of general health.


Its main vision is providing “health” and “beautiful skin” with the support from its parent company Beautysquare.

Backed by Beautysquare’s resources, Singapore Heauler 

is able to obtain high-quality, cheaper and more types of raw materials to develop nutrient dense food.

Heauler = Healer + U + Healthy. This is the formula of brand name creation, representing the original intention to “heal beautifully”.


From the beauty business industry to the great health industry, Heauler’s parent brand – Beautysqaure holds visions of not only helping people have a beautiful skin but also gain beauty and health from within.


Heauler, with these beautiful visions, is still moving forward on the product R&D journey with the hope to spread healthy beauty to each family.

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