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6-Day Immersive Skin Management Course in Korea

by DERMABELL Skin Care Management Academy

South Korea Course

 Has been postponed due to

COVID-19 until further notice.

Your Skill. Our Expertise. Together we discover the beauty within!

  • Learn how to run your own skin management business

  • Upgrade your skills with the help of skin management experts

  • Become well-versed in new techniques & technologies from Korea

  • Gain inside knowledge on the product development process of skincare

  • Receive FREE professional skin/ plastic surgery consultations




DERMABELL Skin Management Academy is a Korean beauty school that equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to hone your skills to their fullest potential. Our unique programs give you a deeper understanding into dermatology and medical beauty. This Korean beauty academy serves as a platform for you to gain the skills and knowledge to pursue a budding career in today's ever-changing beauty industry.

Course Highlights

4 Given


Receive a total of 4 certificates for completing the 6-Day facial training course.

Visit to

Skincare Laboratory

Learn how skincare products are developed and manufactured in laboratory.

Skin Management 

Centre Visit

Visit Dermatology Centre to learn how a skin management centre is run.

Plastic Surgery Clinic Visit

Discover the latest trends of Korean Plastic Surgery at Plastic Surgery Hospital.

New trend and technology

Expose to current Korean beauty trend and well-versed with advanced beauty technologies.



Trainers' Profile

*Trainer of Singapore Course - Ms. Vivian Sun

Course Itinerary

Day 5:

Firstly, attend a talk on an innovative new brand that uses modern beauty technology to achieve vaginal rejuvenation safely and effectively. 

Next, you will attend the Skin Theory Exam and  practical assessment of hands-on techniques.

Participants who perform outstandingly have a chance to redeem free products & treatments.

Syllabus Covered:

  • Demonstration of the Advanced PLASMA Equipment

  • Understanding GOSUN Vaginal Rejuvenation Technology

  • Skin Management Theory & Hands-On Assessment

  • Certificate Awarding Ceremony for Program Completion

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 11.10.32

Day 2:

To start the day off, we take a visit to a well-known skincare laboratory in Korea. Here, you will be able to observe the development and manufacturing process of high-quality skincare products. With this, you can identify important skincare ingredients and what makes products EWG-Green, improving your consultation and product recommendation skills. 

In the afternoon, we introduce you to various cosmeceutical lines, showing you how to use those products to achieve the best results.

In the evening, Dr Kim, a plastic surgery doctor introduces how Korean Plastic Surgery imparts dermatology into their beauty treatments for a unique Korean Skin Management experience.

Syllabus Covered:

  • Introduction to Basic Principles of Cosmeceutical Formulas

  • Demonstration & Hand Technique of Cosmeceutical Products

  • Demonstration & Hand Technique of Latest Korean Therapy System

  • Integration of Plastic Surgery with Skin Management

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Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 11.07.52

Day 1:

We start the first day with an introduction to our trainers and Korean skin management in today’s industry.

Then, provide a theory lesson on the characteristics of different skin types and the correct solutions to treat them.

After lunch, we recap the basic procedures and skills of Korean skin management, as well as teach you essential beauty massage techniques to improve your treatments and clients’ experiences. 

Syllabus Covered:

  • Background Knowledge of Korean Skin Management

  • Basic Skin Theory & Analysis based on Different Skin Types

  • Treatment Solutions for Different Problematic Skin

  • Demonstration of Korean Facial Cleansing & Massage


Day 4:

We start the day off with a hands-on practice session using the fundamental beauty equipment from Day 3.

After lunch, attend a theory lesson on managing problematic, acne prone, aging, enlarged pores skin types.

Next, we introduce and demonstrate using the latest advancements in beauty technology. 

Syllabus Covered:

  • Problematic, Acne-Prone, Aging, Acne Marks, Enlarged Pores Skin Type Management Theory & Treatment

  • Introduction & Demonstration of the Latest Plasma Technology

  • Demonstration of EMS & RF Micro-needling Technology

  • Demonstration of Trendy Skin Booster Injection Treatment

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 11.10.48


Day 3:

On the 3rd day, our first class will encompass how to identify, manage and treat skin with problematic, sensitive as well as pigmented issues.

Next, you will learn how the technologies of fundamental skin and weight management equipment perform safe and effective beauty treatments.

After lunch, we demonstrate using those beauty equipment to show you the best practices to most effectively utilise them in treatments.


Syllabus Covered:

  • Problematic, Sensitive, Pigmented Skin Type Management Theory & Treatment

  • Operational Training of Beauty Technology & Equipment

    • Micro-vibration Exfoliation Management, Dermal Layer Ultrasonic Infiltration    Therapy, Electron Ion Whitening & Melanin Lightening Therapy

    • Postoperative Repair Therapy, Photo dynamic Therapy, Electrophoresis High
      Permeability Ion Regeneration Repair Therapy

    • Body Tightening, Detox & Cellulite Management

    • Anti-Aging, Firming and Lifting, Contouring, Eye Area & Wrinkle Care

Day 6:

On the last day, we take a half-day trip to a local Plastic Surgery Centre to have an insight on today's plastic surgery trends. You will also have a chance to consult experts on personal plastic surgery procedures.

After that, we will then visit a Korea Dermatology Centre, where Dr Park will share on the managerial side of Korean skin management centres. Here, you will learn how customer service and interior design can boost a client’s experience and overall satisfaction.

Syllabus Covered:

  • Korean Plastic Surgery & Skin Centre Visit & Consultation

  • Introductory Knowledge on Korean Plastic Surgery

  • Operation Management & Customer Services Knowledge of Korea Dermatology Centre

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october-calendar-2019-printable copy.jpg
Standard Twin Room-Hotel Atti


Standard Twin Room @ Hotel Atti

- 2 Single Beds

- In-room Wi-Fi

- Free Beverages & Mini Refrigerator

- Air Conditioned

Click here for more info

Total:   SGD $3500
(USD $2600)

6 - Day Immersive Skin Management Course in Korea

(Free Accommodation & Airport Pick-up)

* 2 sessions of airport pick-up time in a day

 + Course Benefits:

  • Business Set-Up/ Store Revamp/ Marketing Support

Course Details



Alumni Reviews

" The facial aesthetic training offered is easy to understand and trainers are clear with their explanations. Would definitely recommend to all beauticians! "

- Ms. Le Le

" Highly informative & 100% worth the money, this facial certification course! I never thought I could learn so much in only 6 days, but Dermabell made it happen! "

- Ms. Valerie

"  I've been a beautician for years, but after attending this facial training, I have a much better understanding of Korean beauty and technology. "

- Mdm. Chen

" Thanks Vivian. We enjoyed the course throughout, including all the visitation and understanding of the hospital protocols. It’s a knowledge expansion for me. Thank you for organizing such a useful course."

- Ms. Jean

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