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Ms. Vivian Sun

DERMABELL SEA Regional Director 

•    Founder of BeautySquare Korea (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

•    Chairman of Dermabell Southeast Asia & Middle East

•    Principal Skin Therapy Trainer of BeautySquare Korea Skin Management Academy

•    Principal Korean Beauty Equipment Instructor of BeautySquare Korea Skin Management Academy

•    Certificate of Completion for Korea Micro-Plastic Surgery MD Course (Korea –Jeju)

•    Graduated from Korea Medical Skin Care Course (Korea - Gangnam)

•    Graduated from Korea Semi-Permanent Makeup Academy (Korea-MyeongDong)

•    Certificate of Completion for Korea Advance Skin Therapy Course (Korea- Gangnam)

•    Instructor Certificate of Korea Medical Beauty Equipment

•    Member of Korea Hyaluronic Acid Filler Organization

•    New York Feathering Technique Certificate (U.S.A)

•    Registered Member of Korea Beauty Association-KBEA (Korea)

•    Certificate of KBEA Semi-Permanent Make Up association Level 1 Make Up Artist (Korea)  

•    Certificate of Completion for Korea Face Art Course

•    KCBA International Competition Judge 2017 (Korea)

•    SISA International Competition Judge 2018 (Korea)

•    Special Senior Oversea Lecturer of Mei Tuo Luo Beauty Online Courses Platform( China)  

Mr. Kim Myung Chan


•    NEW DERM Medical Center Managing Director (2019)


•    CEO of BS GLOBAL HOLDINGS  (2018-2019)

•    BELLONDE LAB Skincare Research Institute Planning Director (2018-2019)

•    CEO of BeautySquare Korea (2016-2019)

     (Medical equipment import and export, skin management training business)

•    KMCA Association Director / Plastic Surgery Training Group Institution (2015-2019)

•    KISP AAssociation Director / Plastic Surgery Training Group Institution (2015-2019)

•    Director of K-ART Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Centre (2015-2019)

•    Real Beauty Story Represantative / Plastic Surgery Marketing Company (2014-2015)

•    President of MADE IN REAL Overseas / Plastic Surgery Consultation Firm (2013-2014)

•    Planning Director of Korean Students in China (2010-2011)

•    IMCAS French Society 2019

•    Korea Beauty Industry Award 2018

•    Starred in SBS channel “Mobidic Miss Korea” TV programmes 2017

•    Elansé St. Mary's Hospital Hands on 2017

•    IMCAS Taiwan Society 2016

•    Starred in Arirang TV programmes 2015

•    ELLANSE Korean Elite Doctor Medical Seminar 2015

•    Anti-aging beauty class with Women Association 2015

•    Chong Kun Dang Pharm.Facial Thread Lifting Seminar 2014

•    SCULPTRA St. Mary's Hospital Hands on 2014

•    Korean Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Society 2014

•    Miaero Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Conference 2014

•    Starred in channel A TV programmes 2014

•    Starred in “100 choices” TV programmes 2013

•    Dr.M&C Obesity & Aesthetic Treatment Society 2013

Mr. Park Gunhwan


Ms. Jeong Mi Seon

DERMABELL Academy Master Trainer

•    Shanghai China Yumi Beauty Academy Skin Management Trainer

•    Shenzhen China CCM Beauty Academy Trainer

•    International K-TOP Beauty Expo Skin Management Judge

•    Shanghai China JM Beauty Academy Skin Management Trainer

•    Hanzhou China Doctor. L Beauty Academy Semi-Permanent Makeup Trainer (2017-2019)

•    Jeju Island BK Beauty Academy Skin Management & Semi-Permanent Makeup Trainer 

•    BeautySquare Korea (China) Human Resources Trainer 2017

•    Professional Beauty Association Judge 2016

•    Business Association Beauty Skills Conference Judge 2015

•    Honored with 3rd Award of Korea Body Management Conference 2014

•    Director of Vitamin Skin Management Centre 2013

•    Urban Female Beauty Academy Practical Class Trainer 2013

•    Urban Female Beauty Academy Certified Trainer 2011

•    Obtained International Certificate of skin management (2008-2015)

•    Studied MBC Beauty Academy Skin Management 2007

•    Director of Anna Sui Makeup & Skincare (2002-2008)

•    Trainer of Shiseido Skincare Marketing (2001-2002)

•    Makeup Artist of MAKE UP FOR EVER (1998-2001)

•    Wedding Makeup Artist (1997-1998)

Mr. Kim Nam Book


•    Opened K-ART Plastic Surgery Centre

•    Dermabell Product Research and Development Consultant

•    Former Head of Kim Nam-Book Plastic Surgery (1998-2014)

•    Former Head of Department for Plastic Surgery at the Asian Medical Center in Hyundai (6 Yrs)

•    Studied Endoscopy at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

•    Obtained a Korean Plastic Surgery Specialist Qualification

•    Obtained MD in Plastic Surgery

•    Major Foreign Medical Professor at Chungnam University

•    Member of the Korean Society of Plastic Surgeons

•    Member of the Korean Cosmetic Surgery Association

•    Member of the Korean Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Facial Surgery

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