6-level Immersive Korean Skin & Body

Management Course in Singapore

by DERMABELL Skin Care Management Academy

Singapore Course

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Your Skill. Our Expertise. Together we discover the beauty within!

  • Learn how to run your own skin management business

  • Upgrade your skills with the help of skin management experts

  • Become well-versed in new techniques & technologies from Korea

  • Gain insightful knowledge on professional Korean Body & Skin management

  • Level-based course is suitable for both beginners and professionals. 



DERMABELL Skin Management Academy is a Korean beauty school that equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to hone your skills to their fullest potential. Our unique programs give you a deeper understanding into dermatology and medical beauty. This Korean beauty academy serves as a platform for you to gain the skills and knowledge to pursue a budding career in today's ever-changing beauty industry.




Receive certificates for completing the 

training course.

Visit to

Skincare Laboratory

Learn how skincare products are developed and manufactured in laboratory.

Skin Management 

Centre Visit

Visit Dermatology Centre to learn how a skin management centre is run.

Plastic Surgery Clinic Visit

Discover the latest trends of Korean Plastic Surgery at Plastic Surgery Hospital.

New trend and technologies

Expose to current Korean beauty trend and well-versed with advanced beauty technologies.


*Additional component 

in Korea course

*Additional component 

in Korea course

*Additional component 

in Korea course


  • Founder of BeautySquare Korea (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

  • Chairman of Dermabell Southeast Asia & Middle East

  • Principal Skin Therapy Trainer of BeautySquare Korea Skin Management Academy

  • Principal Korean Beauty Equipment Instructor of BeautySquare Korea Skin Management Academy

  • Certificate of Completion for Korea Micro-Plastic Surgery MD Course (Korea –Jeju)

  • Graduated from Korea Medical Skin Care Course (Korea - Gangnam)

  • Graduated from Korea Semi-Permanent Makeup Academy (Korea-MyeongDong)

  • Certificate of Completion for Korea Advance Skin Therapy Course (Korea- Gangnam) 

  • Instructor Certificate of Korea Medical Beauty Equipment

  • Member of Korea Hyaluronic Acid Filler Organization

  • New York Feathering Technique Certificate (U.S.A)

  • Registered Member of Korea Beauty Association-KBEA (Korea)

  • Certificate of KBEA Semi-Permanent Make Up association Level 1 Make Up Artist (Korea) 

  • Certificate of Completion for Korea Face Art Course

  • KCBA International Competition Judge 2017 (Korea)

  • SISA International Competition Judge 2018 (Korea)

  • Special Senior Oversea Lecturer of Mei Tuo Luo Beauty Online Courses Platform (China)  

Level 0: Theory and basic skill class

Basic skin Theory and 16 Skin Types Analysis

Treatment Solutions for Problematic Skin types

Korean skin cleansing technique

Demonstration and practice of Korean style cleansing techniques

Korean style skin issue diagnosis and consultation skills

COURSE LEVEL (Covers topics from entry to advanced level)  



Course Summary

  • Theory and basic skill class                            (Level 0)

  • Korean therapy treatment class                    (Level 1)


  • Beginner Skin management class                (Level 2)​

  • Intermediate Skin management class        (Level 3)​

  • Advanced Skin management class              (Level 4)                                    

  • Medical Skin management class                  (Level 5)

5-Day Course Fees SGD 1860 

(No hidden cost, covers all consumable materials)

6-level Immersive Skin Management Course in Singapore

  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals.

  • Cover Korean professional Body & Skin

       management topics. 

  • Free consultations for future business ventures. One-stop partner for beauty business. (Cosmeceutical-grade product, & beauty machine supply,      after-sales support, beautician training, branding consultation for new salons)

  • Given certificates after completing course.

  • Exposed to new beauty trend & technology in Korea.





" The facial aesthetic training offered is easy to understand and trainers are clear with their explanations. Would definitely recommend to all beauticians! "

- Ms. Le Le

" Highly informative & 100% worth the money, this facial certification course! I never thought I could learn so much in only 6 days, but Dermabell made it happen! "

- Ms. Valerie

"  I've been a beautician for years, but after attending this facial training, I have a much better understanding of Korean beauty and technology. "

- Mdm. Chen

" Thanks Vivian. We enjoyed the course throughout, including all the visitation and understanding of the hospital protocols. It’s a knowledge expansion for me. Thank you for organizing such a useful course."

- Ms. Jean






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