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Dermaspa Solution Concentrate

Dermaspa Solution Concentrate

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(德玛小气泡溶液 / 浓缩液)


Size: 30ml x 4 each (Can be diluted to 400ml)

  • Description

    Concentrated aquapeeling solution to be used with the Dermaspa or any other aquapeeling device. It allows you to perform effective deep cleansing suitable for any skin type, including sensitive skin.

    What it does:

    - AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) Solution: 

    Removes dead skin cells. It also improves moisture content in the skin, making it ideal for dry and damaged skin types.

    - BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) Solution:

    Dissolves sebum that clogs pores and normalises the pore linings that contribute to acne growth.

    - Moisturising Solution:

    Nourishes the skin, relieves any irritation and protects the skin from harmful irritants, making the skin softer and brighter.


    Recommended for:

    ✔ All Skin Types

    ✔ AHA Solution: Dry, rough or aging skin

    ✔ BHA Solution: Oily, acne-prone or congested skin



    • AHA Solution
      • Lactic Acid
      • Yeast Extract
      • Algae Extract
        Green Tea Extract
      • Seaweed Extract
      • Sodium Lactate
    • BHA Solution
      • Salicylic Acid
      • Lactic Acid
      • Sodium Lactate
      • Aloe Vera
      • Honey
      • Allantoin
    • Moisturising Solution
      • Vitamins C & E
      • Aloe Vera
      • Green Tea
      • Glycosyl Trehalose



    Mix 30ml of the Solution Concentrate with 400ml of distilled water or Saline Solution. Shake to evenly dissolve the concentrate.

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