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Bioactive Growth Factors & Biomimetic Peptides

to inspire Skin Confidence

FILLOSHINE is a brand which is always pursuing innovation that breaks the status quo and delivers beauty through continuous anti-aging research and plant cells development.

To develop the core materials for bio-active cosmetics and cosmeceuticals using biotechnology

For healthy and beautiful human life

Key benefits

Key ingredients

Bio-active Proteins

Bio-mimetic Peptides

Plant Stem Cells

Amino acid, mineral, vitamins

Hyaluronic acid

An advanced aesthetic device combining 4 types of technology (Plasma, Micro Needle RF, Fractional RF and EMS technology) within one device for all-rounded and effective anti-aging and anti-acne experience. It is also a new paradigm skin management system that offers a comprehensive skincare therapy.


Plasma Rejuvenation with RF

Using plasma to break the cell adhesive molecules temporarily to push nutrients and genes into the tissue.

Apply serum and enabling the nutrients to be absorbed into skin at an amazing rate

Maximize drug delivery
Dramatic absorption
Skin Whitening
Skin Lifting
Skin Regeneration and Rejuvenation


"The secret for creating youthful and healthy-looking complexion. Formulated with the regenerative factors and peptides by using GFP technology to lock in moisture and nourish skin."

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