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Filloshine Nano Wave Tighten Up+

Filloshine Nano Wave Tighten Up+

FILLOSHINE NANO WAVE TIGHTEN UP+ is a multi-functional beauty device equipped with 5 functions: RH micro-current mode, UP warming mode, EMS elasticity mode, 4 types of LED mode, and VR vibration mode.


FILLOSHINE NANO WAVE TIGHTEN UP+ can be used for all skin types and is equipped with multiple functions.
It has the characteristics of selecting the mode and adjusting the intensity according to the purpose of use and can perform dual or triple management, which is convenient anytime, anywhere. In addition, the optimized curved design provides excellent grip, allowing easy self-care.


For professional use, both the beautician and the client will enjoy the most outstanding treatment experience.


*Product colour and packaging design are subject to change. 


✔️1-Year Warranty


*Kindly contact us to place an order.

  • Description

    RH micro-current mode: Electric pulse massage, promote microcirculation, enhance elasticity UP thermal mode: RF high frequency, thermal effect, promote product absorption
    EMS elasticity mode: EMS low frequency, stimulate muscle, subside swelling, enhance elasticity
    (neck and shoulder muscle massage function)

    4 LED modes: Red light(Promote regeneration, reduce wrinkles), Green light(Solve various skin problems, enhance skin tone), Purple light (Promote cell proliferation and skin regeneration, Red/purple/green rotation) VR Vibration Mode: Vibration (short or long) massage, promote microcirculation

  • Technical Specifications

    Dimensions 175X45X45 (mm)
    Charging type USB Charging
    Power output 2-6 W
    Power voltage 5V-1A
    Battery working  time 90 mins
    Standby time 90 days 
    Material ABS
    Charging duration 3 hours

    *If the unit hasn't been used for more than 90 days, please make it fully charged before use. 

  • Precautions

    * Do not use the device continuously on the same area for a long time which may cause potential skin problems.

    * Immediately stop using if any malfunction or unsual reaction occurs. 

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