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Miraclear IPL (蓝光痘痘治疗仪)

Miraclear IPL (蓝光痘痘治疗仪)



A unique acne treatment using Blue Light(410nm) emission for effectiveness unlike other treatments.


✔️1-Year Warranty


*For salon use only. Kindly contact us to place an order.

  • Description

    Miraclear deep cleans the pores. By heating targeted areas of the dermis, the photo chemical effect of light activates porphyrins to destroy P.acne and reduce sebum production. Thus, redness from acne will be eliminated
    while allowing the pores to tighten. Unlike other treatments, fewer treatments are needed to be effective.

  • Technical Specifications

    Light Source Xenon Flash Lamp/ Blue Light Lamp
    Wavelength 400~1200nm [Xenon Flash]
    410nm [Blue Light]
    Energy Density 2 to 11J/cm2
    Pulse Sequence Single, Double, Triple Pulse
    IPL Time 3ms – 25ms
    Pulse Delay 500ms, 750ms, 1000ms
    Vacuum Level 1-4 step
    Spot Size 14.5x12.3mm/26.5x14.5mm
    Power Consumption 110-220VAC/50-60Hz/10A
    User interface Color LCD/ Touch Screen
    Dimensions 490 x 400 x 225 (mm)
    Weight 19kg


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