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Ladyspot (瑕疵点痣笔)

Ladyspot (瑕疵点痣笔)

For the effective removal of moles/warts and other skin abnormalities.

  • Uses nano-needle technology
  • Minimised bleeding.
  • 5-Hour use after charging
  • Easy-to-use handheld body


✔️1-Year Warranty

*For salon use only. Kindly contact us to place an order.

  • Description

    LadySpot uses nano-needle technology to remove unwanted skin abnormalities and tattoos effectively.

    It can remove warts, moles and freckles safely without any bleeding.

    After charging, the pen can be used for up to 5 hours.

  • Technical Specifications


    Lithium Battery (charged via USB)

    Standby Time

    5 Hours




    150 x 140 x 100 (mm)


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