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  • Description

    A gentle yet effective gel-to-foam cleanser for the body that softens and moisturises the skin to prevent skin problems and dryness.

    What it does:

    - Thoroughly cleans off dirt and product residue

    - Retains the skin's natural moisture

    - Promotes brightened and softer skin


    Recommended for:

    ✔ All Skin Types


    Product Size: 500ml

    Key Ingredients

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    • Acell-300
      • A patented formula of herbs that penetrate the skin barrier
      • Has brightening, soothing and strengthening capabilities
    • Citric Acid
      • Speeds up the skin's keratin removal
      • Dissolves sebum and brightens
    • Panthenol
      • Has reparative, anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties
      • Prevents and minimises fine lines
    • Wild Soybean
      • Has revitalising and anti-aging properties
    • CellActive-Hydro System
      • Firms, reduces fine lines and wrinkles
      • Strengthens the skin barrier against external aggressors
  • Directions

    Dispense an appropriate amount of Soft & Moist Body Cleanser and lather it until to get enough bubbles.

    Apply the bubbles over the body and spread softly with fingertips.
    Wash off with lukewarm water, or gently wipe out with a wet sponge.

  • Ingredients

    Acell-300, CellActive-Hydro System (Apple Extract, Pectin, Chlorella, Sunflower Seed Extract Protein Fermentation), Bean Seed Extract, Magnolia Bark Extract, Panthenol, Papaya Extract, Purslane Extracts

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