• Description

    Wormwood is widely used as both a medicinal herb and for cosmetics. It is rich in calcium and iron and vitamin ABC and other elements to allow the skin to stay eternally vitalised.

    Vitamin C helps to effectively prevent dark spots and freckles while managing melanin production. This cancels out dull complexions and helps to whiten and brighten the skin.

    Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and can effectively control the oxidation of cells, to help boost the body's detoxification and revitalise the skin.

    Vitamin C also helps to control the overproduction of oils, which cause excess grease over time during the day.

  • Directions

    1. After cleansing the face, apply the base cream to the entire face.
    2. Put a base cream on the eye (including the eyebrows) and lay a damp cotton pad on the lips. Cover the whole face with gauze to keep the gauze tight on the face.
    3. Prepare 15ml of water, add 30 grams of wormwood powder, stir and apply from the cheek, trouble areas, eyes to mouth.
    4. If the mixture becomes hot and the customer feels discomfort, remove the mask and then apply.
    5. After about 25 minutes, gently remove the cooling mask.

  • Main Ingredients

    Calcium sulphate 96%, Vitamin C Ascorbic acid, Wormwood 3.8%

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