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Bubble Peel Therapy 泡泡焕肤套盒

Bubble Peel Therapy 泡泡焕肤套盒

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Bubble activator 30: 30ml
Bubble natural vitamin enzyme powder: 40g
Bubble regeneration whitening essence: 15ml



*For salon use only. Kindly contact us to place an order.


    Using its rich yet lightweight foam, it performs a gentle peeling to remove dead skin, excess cutin and clears dirt and makeup residue from pores, leaving you with translucent and whitened skin. 



    • Bubble Activator 
      • Has the best ratio of AHA and BHA combination
      • Has a dual exfoliating ability
      • Safe and mild effects 
      • Maintains the skin elasticity 
      • Moisturizes the skin
    • Bubble Vita Powder
      • Exfoliates the skin
      • Strengthens the skin barrier 
      • Unclogs skin pores
      • Natural vital power, suitable for sensitive skin
    • Bubble Essence
      • Foam removes the residual impurities
      • No Surfactant  is added, it's safe and convenient as no cleansing is required
  • Ingredients

    Lactic acid, citric acid, hydroxyethyl cellulose, Light fruit licorice root extract, salicylic acid, papaya extract, Gleditsia sinensis extract, Polygonum cuspidatum root extract, Prunella leaf extract, Cnidium extract

  • Directions

    • Remove any makeup and product residue and pat face dry.
    • Mix the enzyme powder with water and mix until it forms a rich foam.
    • Cover the eye area with a cotton pad, then apply the foam to the face evenly.
    • Apply gauze to the face and steam the skin for 30 seconds to 3 minutes using a facial steamer. (1 min 30 secs for sensitive skin, 2 min 30 secs - 3 mins for normal skin).
    • Turn off the facial steamer and remove the gauze. Wipe away the excess foam with a sponge, then with a hot towel.
    • Soak cotton pads in Pure Water and apply to the skin to soothe it. Let them sit for 2 minutes.
    • Apply and massage the essence to the skin until fully absorbed.
    • Cover the eye area with cotton pads and coat the skin evenly in aloe vera gel. Then, apply gauze to the entire face and allow it to sit under an LED treatment light for 10 minutes.
    • After 10 minutes, apply a suitable modeling mask to the face and peel off after 15 minutes.
    • Wipe off the excess with sponges and finish off with the remaining skin management steps.
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