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  • Description

    Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Aging, Promotes cell regeneration, Moisturizing, Calming, Detoxifying, Strengthens the skin barrier


    More than 4,000 years ago, deep oceanic water in Greenland travelled through the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, reaching the northernmost tip of the East China Sea in two thousand years later.

    Dermabell Basic's Smart Water is obtained in the safest and most sanitary way, using the only pollution-free pipe system in Korea over 6,000 meters long). It reaches the deep ocean water in the East China Sea through a long cycle, and then passes through exclusive EDH technology (electrolysis) and MBT technology (regulating mineral balance). This increases its ionic activity while adjusting the mineral ratio to the same as fetal amniotic fluid.

    The main component of the human body is water. It maintains the osmotic pressure of the cells, the minerals that retain the water, and the body's primary protective organ - the skin tissue.

    EDH technology - Electrolyzes the deep oceanic water to obtain water in the micro-particle state with high ion activity, allowing for easy penetration into the skin.

    MBT technology (Mineral balance technology) - Maintains cell osmotic pressure, allowing cells to retain moisture: The ratio of minerals close to fetal amniotic fluid and body fluids maintains cellular osmotic pressure and preserves cellular water.

    Natural Minerals

    Magnesium (Mg):

    - Synthesizes proteins required for body cell division and growth

    - Helps activate more than 300 enzymes in the body

    - Boosts blood circulation and helps fatigue recover through the skin

    Calcium (Ca):

    - Required for normal cell function

    - Activates cellular enzymes and releases neurotransmitters

    - Promotes cell division through contraction and relaxation of cells

    Potassium (K):

    - Maintains the potential of the cell membrane and determines the ionic strength of intracellular fluid
    - Maintains the acidity of body fluids and prevents acidification by discharging waste
    - Helps the entry and exit of substances in cells [5 major components of skin tissue]

    - Conditions sebum balance
    - Protects skin from the external environment
    - Prevents moisture from evaporating

    - Improves wrinkles & increases skin elasticity

    Amino acid complex 17:

    - Protects the outer membrane of the acid: the outermost layer of the epidermis
    - Prevents pigmentation, removes keratin, moisturizes, promotes cell regeneration and proliferation, maintains skin elasticity

    Hydrolyzed collagen (water/butanediol):
    - A combination of cells and a cementing agent to form a film, which helps to moisturize and keep the skin smooth and supple.

    Sodium hyaluronate:
    - A natural moisturizing factor
    - Absorbs moisture absorbtion and improves dry skin

  • Directions


    Apply a sufficient amount to the face and gently pat until absorbed.


    Soak the cotton pad or mask paper fully, and allow it to absorb for 3 minutes.


    Use a spray bottle to mist the face from 15~20cm away and wait for it to absorb.


    Mix with other lotions, essences, creams, masks to allow for better absorbtion.

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