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Premium Modelling Masks

Premium Modelling Masks

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4 Masks in 1 Pack
Step 1: 50g
Step 2: 5g

  • Description

    Enjoy a spa treatment at the comfort of your home with gels mask to soothe and provide intense hydration.


    • Made up of 87% essence, intensely hydrating the skin, preventing evaporation and locking in moisture.
    • Calms and soothes skin, rejuvenates tired skin with natural ingredients
    • Brightens and provides nourishment for supple skin

    Premium Perilla Modelling Mask:
    # Reduces sensitivity
    # Improves skin immunity
    # Anti-inflammatory

    • Traditionally used as herbs, Perilla demonstrates excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.
    • Contains EPA, which has restorative properties to protect the skin barrier and reduce sensitivity.
    • Contains Perilla, Basil leaf, Tea tree, and Centella extract to soothe, calm, and repair skin, reducing redness and sensitivity.

    Premium Propolis Modelling Mask:
    #Provides norishment
    #Strengthens skin barrier
    #Slows down signs of aging

    • Made with Jeju's Buckwheat Honey that can only be harvested 15 days a year. 
    • Anti-oxidants and antibacterial properties 
    • Improves skin's texture
    • Forms a protective layer for the skin
    • Jeju Buckwheat honey, royal jelly, and green propolis extract provides moisture and nourishment, strengthens skins's protective layer, and slows down the signs of aging.

    Premium Rose Modelling Mask:
    #Soft and bright skin
    #Locks in moisture

    • Purifies and brightens dull skin.
    • Provides intense hydration, soothes sensitive skin, improves rough skin, and balances skin pH.
    • Contains rose, mulberry bark, wolfberry extract to inhibit melanin production, hydrates, nourishes.
    • Also contains niacinamide, an ingredient approved by the KFDA, to brighten skin from inside out.
  • Directions

    Mix the Step 1 Gel and the Step 2 gel in the tray provided.

    Apply on the face evenly.
    Wait until dry and then peel off.

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