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Cryocell (冷热电泳仪)

Cryocell (冷热电泳仪)

1. CryoTherapy

2. Hot Therapy

3. Iontophoresis

4. Electric Medium Frequency Therapy


• Strong penetration and lasting effect of solution
• Quick cooling to remove pain and inflammation
• Promotion of blood circulation and enhancement of regeneration
• Decomposition of cellulite through promotion and fortification of muscles

✔️1-Year Warranty

*For salon use only. Kindly contact us to place an order.

  • Description

    CryoCell is based on Cryo-electrophoresis, combining 4 individual functions on the face and body. Cryocell freezes the skin surface with cryoelectrophoresis to provide an effective penetration of skincare into the body.

    By suppressing the discharge of complexes which induce senses of pain, it has the ability to control pain perceived at the affected nerves by the subject. With contrastive energy, it improves blood circulation and promotes regeneration, while medium frequency waves can relieve the stiffening of muscles and improve the decomposition of cellulite.

  • Technical Specifications


    Crycocell Electrophoresis

    Input Power

    Input Voltage: 100 ~ 200VAC
    Power Consumption: 60Hz, 150VA
    Output Voltage: 12V, 8A MAX


    *MODE 1,2,3,4 pulse wave
    *MODE 5 4KHz sime wave
    *MODE 6 4KHz sime wave (Modulation)




    *Low temperature: -10~10°C
    *High temperature: 40~45°C


    1 ~ 60 min
    Dimensions 380 x 290 x 420 (mm)
    Weight 25kg


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