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Omega Cool Injection (欧米茄酷无针水光注氧仪)

Omega Cool Injection (欧米茄酷无针水光注氧仪)

Uses nano-oxygen therapy to blast pressurised nano-particles of oxygen into the skin gently to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. This opens up the pores and makes the particles of serums and ampoules even smaller, boosting their performance and allowing them to be more easily penetrated into the skin.


✔️1-Year Warranty

*For salon use only. Kindly contact us to place an order.

  • Description

    1. Supplies moisture deep into the skin
    Makes water molecules smaller to penetrate the pores more effectively.

    2. Brightens skin to improve uneven and dull skin
    Provides sufficient moisture to skin cells, effectively brightens skin tone.

    3. Prevents acne
    Softens the outer layer of skin and allows deep wastes to be more easily removed. It also prevents oily skin.

    4. Enhances absorption in skin
    Cleanses and opens up the pores, allowing skin texture to easily absorb skin care to enhance their effects.

    5. Activates moisturising factors
    Balances the moisture in skin and promotes regeneration of collagen. Moisturising factors of skin are also activated, making the skin softer and smoother.

  • Technical Specifications

    Power Input

    AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

    Power Output

    DC 12V, 3.0A 33W


    225 x 225 x 200 (mm)
    Weight 1.9kg


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