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Dermabell Goldcur+ 24K Hydrate Boosting Ampoule

Dermabell Goldcur+ 24K Hydrate Boosting Ampoule

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Size: 100ml/3.38fl.oz

  • Description

    High-concentration essence containing pure gold, water-soluble collagen,  and peptides that improve skin elasticity and supply high-concentration essence to the skin.


    What it does:

    - Soothing and calming 

    - Strengthens skin barrier  

    - Detoxifying

    - Anti-aging   

    - Prevent the formation of wrinkles


    Recommended for:

    ✔ All skin types

    ✔ Aging skin 


    Product Size: 100ml/3.38fl.oz


    Key Ingredients

    • 24K 99.9% Pure gold (200ppm)
      • Effectively remove old wastes
      • Promote skin metabolism
    • 3 types of honey (Propolis extract, Royal Jelly extract, Honey extract )
      • Soothing & calming
      • Supply nutrients to the skin
    • Collagen / Peptides / Volufiline 
      • Promote skin regeneration
      • Plump the skin 
    • MultiEx BSASM® (The patented complex of 7 natural ingredients )
      • Strengthen the skin

    How to use


    1. Shake the product thoroughly before use.

    2. Use a dropper to apply an appropriate amount to the face.

    3. Apply evenly to the face and promote absorption.


    Main Ingredients

    24K 99.9% Pure gold (200ppm), Propolis extract, Royal Jelly extract, Honey extract, Collagen, Peptides, Volufiline, MultiEx BSASM® Ingredients, Apep Complex-6B.

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