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At-Home Skincare


Find products that tackle your skin concerns

improve it from beneath the surface.


For Professionals


Give clients the results they want &

transform your business.


Korean cosmeceutical science at its peak.

By combining ethically sourced ingredients and cutting-edge technology, we develop effective cosmeceutical skincare that put your skin first.


“Saved me on nights when I can't stand my blemishes any more!"

Geraldine / 21 / Premium Perilla Modeling Gel Masks

"My skin is constantly dehydrated, but after 1 use, I can feel my skin being instantly nourishing and hydrated! This is so amazing!"

Helen / 37 / Premium Rose Modeling Gel Masks

Advanced & Safe

Using advanced DDS Biotechnology, we amplify the natural skincare properties of our ingredients for better results.

Natural & Effective

Our plant-derived ingredients are handpicked based on their effectiveness and how it works on different skin concerns.


Made in Korea

At the heart of the beauty world, we we work with dermatologists to combine our ingredients with cutting-edge biotechnology.


"With passion and science, we can formulate products containing the optimal amount of active ingredients to gently yet effectively nurture and improve skin from beneath its surface."

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