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5 Things to Do at KLCC from 5th - 8th May!

5 things to do at KLCC this May!

BeautySquare is going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia again! This time, we'll be attending the International Beauty Expo (IBE) at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

This exhibition is open to both trade and non-trade visitors, which means you get to enjoy the stage activities, insightful seminars and bountiful booths of the exhibition even if you aren't a beautician! Hurray!!

You definitely won't be bored if you come down to KLCC this May because we've put together some exciting things for you to do while you're there! (Hint: The best one is number 5) 1. Unlock your inner tourist


How can you miss a visit to the famous Petronas Twin Towers you could get a glimpse at from almost EVERYWHERE in KL? It only takes a few minutes to head to the ground level to catch a look at the majestic infrastructure, but basking in all its 451.9 metres of glory will take you as little or as long as you want.

If you'd like to see all of KL at one go, tickets to the skybridge and observation decks go at a usual price of RM 85 for adults and RM 35 for kids. For more information on how to get there, click here!

Other nearby tourist spots around KLCC are: Menara KL - For height-lovers Aquaria KLCC - For marine-animal-lovers KLCC Park - For nature-lovers Petrosains - For science-lovers

2. A shopper's paradise!


On Level 2 of KLCC lies the vast land of Suria KLCC for you to explore! It's an impressive 1.17-square feet world-class complex of more than 300 stores, AKA a shopper's dream come true! Suria KLCC's stores include well-known international brands of fashion, home gadgets, one-of-a-kid concept stores, flagship stores and much more! Don't forget to check out the latest promotions and other tourist privileges for your favourite stores!

3. Eat your heart out~


It's time for dinner! Praise be, because KLCC has you spoilt for choice with its abundance of restaurants, lounges, cafes and eateries to satisfy any craving! (Don't worry about the calories! We'll tell you why in a second) Try out some authentic and flavourful Southeast Asian cuisine, gourmet Italian pizza, or if you're feeling adventurous, check out the revolving restaurant at Menara KL! That's just a few of spread of dining options at KLCC, click here for our to-go list!

4. Let's get creative!


Are you in need of new inspiration? KLCC's got you covered too with its spacious and elegant art gallery, also known as Galeri Petronas. Located on Level 3 of KLCC, the gallery houses over 1,000 works of both contemporary and cultural art in both painting and other craft forms, and is a definite must-go for aspiring artists and art-lovers alike! The best part - admission is FREE!

Check out what currently exhibiting at the gallery and what art classes you could register for to fuel your inner artist here!

5. Give your skin a boost @ BeautySquare's booth

Most of all, be sure to visit BeautySquare at IBE @ Booth 1812 to find everything you need to up your skincare regime and find out which products work for your skin type!

Our authentically Korean and medical grade products are sure to change your skin from the inside out to give you renewed, healthy, glowing and youthful skin! We told you not to worry about the calories from dinner! We'll be showcasing our newest and most advanced slimming device, the Multi-Slim Pro. At our booth, you'll get to experience the revolutionary slimming technology of this device for both your body and face. Say goodbye to muffin tops and chub rub~

BONUS: While you're at IBE, don't forget to check out the 2018 SISA K-Beauty Olympics, where beauticians will battle it out to see who has the best skills in the 5 different categories:

Eyebrow Embroidery & Semi-Permanent Makeup, Eyelash Extensions, Skin Care, Bridal Make Up, Bridal Nail Art

We'll be there to cheer on our very own trainees as well! Judging the exciting competition in the Skin Care segment, is our very own boss/ trainer/ power woman Vivian! She's got years of experience as a trainer in both South Korea and Singapore and she's looking forward to critic and grade participants' work.

Good luck to all the participants & we hope to see you at IBE this 5th - 8th May!

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