Vein Light (静脉照明灯)

Vein Light (静脉照明灯)

A vein-viewing light for safer, more effecient and easier vein-related procedures.


  • Customisable light colour (3 colour options)
  • Handheld design for convenient mobility
  • Prevents side effects caused by improper vascular surgery
  • Can be used on any skin tone

✔️1-Year Warranty

*For salon use only. Kindly contact us to place an order.

  • Description

    Views vein-related surgical procedures in real time.
    Recommended for medical procedures to generate better time efficiency and better client reliability.
    Best intervention aids for the patients.
    Makes vein treatments such as IV/PICC insertions quicker, increasing productivity.

  • Technical Specifications

    Category Vein Illumination System
    Input Power 220V, 60Hz
    Power Consumption 15 VA
    Rated Voltage 10mm ~ 12mm
    Wavelength 430~440/540~550/630~640nm
    Dimensions 285mm x 143mm x 54mm
    Weight 1kg


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