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Hydro Injector II (海德拉2水光仪)

Hydro Injector II (海德拉2水光仪)

  • Uses the same engine as the Swiss Dermashine to make it more powerful, safe and durable.

  • The nine-pin can also be installed not only on other water-ray instruments.

  • The latest negative pressure technology has been added to alleviate congestion, bruises and other symptoms at injections and automatically stops operating after the medicines have been injected to reduce the symptoms of bruises, congestion and pain.

  • A variety of functions are included to perform scalp injection, and can be used in other operations.

  • Multiple interchangeable syringes 1cc / 2cc / 3cc / 5cc / 10cc, hyaluronic acid special-purpose syringe and ordinary syringes are also easily installed and replaced for convenience.

  • The syringe is composed of fixed three ends. Skin injury and leakage of medicine caused by the shaking of the syringe during the operations can be prevented.

  • Accurately calculates the injection amount.

  • Automatic cleaning function enables the instrument to constantly remain sanitary and prevents the instrument from failure to prolong its use.

  • English / Chinese / Russian multi-language mode helps users perform the operations more conveniently

  • Portable and simple operation handle for ease of use.

✔️1-Year Warranty

*For salon use only. Kindly contact us to place an order.

  • Description

    Hydro Injector 2 delivers solutions more effectively and accurately into targeted skin layers with the use of a vertical needles with adjustable depth. Its special cleaning system prevents breakdowns caused by saline liquid over flowing. A strong cleaning function is also available to prevent blockage problems caused by stickiness of HA liquid.

  • Technical Specifications


    Smart Injection System

    Input Power


    Power Consumption





    English/ Chinese/ Russian


    9 pin/ 32G (adjustable)


    220mm x 340 mm x 250mm




    Main system, Hand piece, Power Cable, Foot

    Switch, Syringe Holder, Suction Tube, OP



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