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Dermabell LED Light Stand | Photodynamic Therapy | With Cold-Air Function

Dermabell LED (德玛贝尔医用光谱仪)

A multi-functional high-brightness LED light irradiator composed of 1632 medical SLDs equipped with blue, green, yellow, red, and IR (infrared) wavelengths with different uses.


  • Cold-Air Function to minimise skin irritations, enhance post-treatment repair, reduce acne
  • Can be used for skin, body & hair management



✔️1-Year Warranty

*For salon use only. Kindly contact us to place an order.

  • Description




    -ACNE Sterilization and AK treatment  


    -Skin tightening and skin toning


    -Redness after operation and blue black spot after bruising


    -Soothing after laser treatment and regeneration after laser.


    -Anti-inflammation & scar treatment



    - CW : Continuous

    Selected wavelengths will be on for certain time.

    - RW : Rotation 

    All lights will rotate one by one for a certain time 

    (Blue-5 seconds, green-5, yellow-5, red-5, IR-5)


    * TIMER : Showing time remaining for treatment.


    * WIND: For cooling.

    ※ Fan can also be operated without use of LED.  


    - AUTO : Repeated cycles of 5 second intervals.


    * BRIGHTNESS : Adjustable the brightness of RED light (0-99), average = 50


    3. Recommended Application  


    1) Soothing and regeneration after laser treatment  

    (After IPL, LASER, Peeling, Filler, & other aesthetic operations )

    ▶ CW Mode, Yellow + Red + IR  → 10-20 minutes /

    Brightness  50

      The highest brightness is recommended but patients’ comfort is to be considered.

    2) ACNE & PDT (ACNE Photo-Dynamic Treatment)

    ▶ RW Mode, Blue + Red → 10 Min / Bright  


    3) For treatment after peeling , hydro-injections and MTS on face

    ▶ RW Mode, (B) + G +Y + R + IR = 20-30 min (B)-When Pressing Acne ou

  • Technical Specifications




    CW, RW

    Cold Wind Mode

    Wind, Auto

    Brightness Settings

    0-99 (Red)

    Time Settings

    0-99 mins
    Dimensions 38 x 97~129 x 51 (mm)
    Weight 12.7kg


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